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Are you a professional painter looking for a real painting career, and not just another job? Do you want to learn more, earn more, and to grow with one of the best professional painting companies in this area? Well, you can do the “happy dance” because you have found the perfect professional painting place!


Painting Jobs At Your Fingertips

Nowadays, looking for house painting jobs or commercial painting jobs can be quite challenging as the competition is now huge and many also have been trying their hands at DIY painting. Here at Painting Pro Jobs, not only do we help you in building your painting team and career, but we also present you an easy and surefire idea on how to get commercial or residential painting jobs near your area.

We at Painting Pro Jobs bring you the solution to your painting employment needs! By helping aspiring painters get their dream job and connecting them with growing painting companies, they get to focus on what they do best. Read on to learn more about us, our services, and why you should join us!

Who We Are

We at Painting Pro Jobs are highly experienced painters ourselves. Being in the industry for many years now has helped us make valuable connections with the best painting companies in the area. As enthusiasts of the newest painting techniques available today, we will know what a good painting company looks like. Our professionals are seasoned paint technicians who know the best way to improve the aesthetics of a building, and are also updated on the latest painting styles available in each location today. Because we want to ensure that the best painting jobs are matched with the best painters, all the painting companies that go through us have to fit the industry’s criteria.


House Painting Jobs Hiring – What We Do

As the leading jobs resource for the professional painting industry, is a website dedicated to fulfilling your dream of having a successful professional painting career by connecting aspiring and professional painters with top painting companies near you. We are committed to providing you solutions to your painting employment needs and we’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure you achieve your painting career goals. Understanding the painting trends and the painting jobs scene in the US has allowed us to create this employment system that will satisfy the demand of both painting company employers and professional painters We, at Painting Pro Jobs, are committed to a professional relationship to our painting teams. With this, we give the opportunity for experienced painters to work with a truly professional painting company that will treat you like the master painters that you are. And with our policies, we make sure that painters are treated with respect and generosity, and are given equal chance for the painting opportunities that may arise.

Why You Should Join Us

First, IT IS FREE! Looking for painting jobs in your area has never been easier with us! When you join us today, we’ll make sure to put you first in line with the latest home and commercial painting job openings in town. We put an emphasis on “customer service” and we personally value each and every painting partner individually. The bigger picture is that we want to guide you to a successful painting career by giving you only the best painting opportunities in your area.

While we do value already experienced painters, we still keep an open mind and present the same opportunity to people who are planning to start a painting career in their neighborhood. For one thing, we teach them the basics on how to find painting jobs in their area.


Many have discovered the great potential in the painting market today and have started taking home paint jobs by themselves. They might have even invested in good painting equipment and have built a small reputation in their area. But we know that this is not enough. Home and business owners are looking to have their house or business updated, or completely repainted will definitely go for someone they could trust. If you are new in the industry, it would be quite a challenge to prove that you’re trustworthy as you’ll need some good referrals, websites, online videos, and other 21st Century marketing tool that professional use. Without some rock solid referrals, it would be challenging for any painting contractor to win a bid on any painting job or to find painting clients to trust them. However, when you join Painting Pro Jobs, you’ll get full assistance that you need to hone your skills and be part of a bigger painting company. We’ll introduce you to local painting companies who conduct free training to help you be a professional painter, and if you get lucky, you can even get hired instantly by the same company trainer.

With over 300,000 painting businesses all over the country, the residential or commercial painting jobs sector is a huge market with a heavy competition. Even big-time painting contractors find it hard to find ways to get house painting jobs in their market area. On the other hand, property owners also find it difficult to find good painters because they have so many choices. Many usually go for those painting professionals who are already well-known in the industry, but this means paying more because of their brand. This promotes the idea that pricier painting services are better, causing smaller painting companies to stay in the lower bracket.

Do you believe that your painting services have what it takes to be the best in the painting industry? If so, let’s consider the best ways for increasing your painting service’s reputation near your area. Did you know that most name brand companies are spending far more on advertising and development of their products/services? Here we will talk about three effective ways on how to market your brand: Physical Advertising, Online Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. But before we discuss these three further, let us first discuss what ‘brand’ is.

Branding: What’s in a name?

On Wikipedia, brand is defined as, “a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that distinguishes an organization or product from its rivals in the eyes of the customer.” In the case of professional painters, your brand is your name and it’s very important that your brand will be presented in a way that will create a lasting impression in the mind of the customers. There are several key components in brand creation and management. The secret is knowing the art of strategically positioning your brand in the market so it will stand out from the rest. And this is where the Painting Pro Jobs will come into picture. Brand Marketing is what we do, and we can definitely help you establish your name and be one of the most trusted brands in the painting industry.

Physical Advertising

There are a lot of ways to do physical advertising, such as passive marketing, door-to-door marketing, and referrals. However, the effect it had before is very different than today because many are now looking toward the internet for advertisements. For example, if you hand out $200 dollars’ worth of flyers in your area (which would be about at least 5000 flyers), you would probably just get at least 6 calls, which is not worth it. Similarly, leaving business cards aren’t that effective today. You’ll probably never get leads from it.

Let’s compare physical advertising with digital advertising. Most of the today’s marketplace has moved digitally. It has now become easier to show to painting prospects your product through ad placements and services can now be viewed even from cities near you. Everything is now “smart” and companies can now present what you need based from your online searches. Compared to physical advertising, digital advertising is more fast-paced. You simply look for what you need and get it fast, online.

However, studies show that physical media has more impact on consumers’ memories. People can easily recall physical or inner active promotions like postcards, texts, emails, and phone calls as long as they precede or follow a contact within a week, rather than the same content on a digital screen. Nevertheless, many local painting business just rely on leaflets and the local grapevine. Both are really reliable, but the guideline is, larger ads suggest larger jobs. For many property owners who have house painting jobs hiring painters, word-of-mouth marketing can be simple but very effective.

Online Marketing

Physical advertising can be reliable, however a more successful method to market is online. Internet marketing helps you build better relations with your painting customers and prospects through online communication.

One great benefit of online marketing is the convenience it provides to both the painting contractor and their clients. With simply a few taps on the screen, almost anybody can have access to anything. Many people today trust internet marketing more because ranking and review systems allow individuals to see how good a business actually is. It is evident today that excellent scores can bring a great deal of individuals into a company.

Another benefit in online marketing is the reach it provides. Nearly everyone has access to the web today and you will have more area coverage than other traditional approaches. With online marketing, you might even reach people on the other side of the country. Of course, targeting those people won’t do much for your business, but imagine how much more you can do if you effectively use online advertising near your business’ location!

You might have seen a lot of huge painting business as you browse the web. Making an online webpage is not that difficult! The real obstacle here is to understand how to push your website upwards through the many other painting business who likewise have a website. Bigger painting companies know the real value of online marketing. Despite the fact that advertising online also has its ups and downs, the results can be truly gratifying.

Social Network Marketing

Online advertising allows you to take advantage of the ever-increasing marketing powers of social media. Though on the very same “digital” scenario as with online marketing, social network marketing is rather various compared to internet marketing. With social network marketing, you get to construct a “fan base” around you. So if an individual likes your services, they will be given the possibility to follow you and your other painting promos. This preserves your consumer base and increases the opportunity of people wanting another repaint task in the future.

With digital advertising, even small companies can have a reputation in the painting industry. Though both kinds of advertising can be pricey, the results that these make can be unequaled.

So now that you know how to find painting jobs to bid on through advertising, make good use of these 3 forms of marketing, and with the right implementation, we guarantee that these would help your painting career significantly.

At, we are devoted to accelerating your professional painting career and we see that internet marketing is THE way to go in today’s digital world. We’ve seen and we’ve heard enough to know and understand that getting into the professional painting scene can be very challenging in this day and age. With our painting employment solutions, we help start up as well as large and well established painting companies and professional painters get a grip in the market. So join us today at the Painting Pro Jobs to get a better chance of having a successful professional painting career or winning the bid to some of the best house and commercial painting jobs in your area!